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Team Video Coaching

We run video coaching sessions for club & high school teams in the same format as college lacrosse video sessions. 

Princeton Men's Lacrosse

Our Program

  • Our video analysis program requires no extra work from team coaches or parents 

  • Sessions are taught by current NCAA players who specialize in video analysis

  • We work with team coaches to align on content and ensure messaging is consistent with team principles

  • We break down the team’s actual game play. As needed, we utilize PLL and College video examples 

How We Set It Up 

  • You tell us the game we should review

  • We edit the footage a clip the best parts to review

  • We hold a 45 minute Zoom session with the team (including the coaches)

John Delucia (Quinnipiac University, Guilford, CT) discusses the two-man game with a high school player

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